I need some help trying to figure out an issue we are having.
We have a SaaS app that is pointed to the ID server for logging in. ex
https://mycompany.box.com. We need to make this available to the public.
I am protecting the ID server with the AG server. 'LINK'
(http://tinyurl.com/pdwc6mm) If I make the id server vip a public ip,
all of our apps that are setup for ID auth are then public and we do not
want them public. So I try to protect box.com with reverse proxy and we
loose deep links. The AG vip is nat'ed so I point the app that need to
be public to the public ip and keep internal only pointed at the local
ip. So everything that is behind the reverse proxy is easy to setup.

How are other companies doing this? Is everyone creating a new cluster
just for these apps?

Thank you for your help and time.

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