I have requirement to pull content/redirect requests for different URL
paths (web server directory) to different web servers (hosting different
content) under the same published DNS name when using Domain Based
Multi-Homing. Therefore under the same Reverse Proxy. This would
usually be satisfied by using Path Based MH.... however trying to avoid
using PB MH

For example:

Published DNS & Path: website.ag.internal.com/documentation
Web Server:

Published DNS & Path: website.ag.internal.com/downloads
Web Server:

Domain Based MH would work if you were to use
downloads.website.ag.internal.com or
documentation.website.ag.internal.com, etc. In the scenario we would be
using the same DNS name for all the resources and then the unique path
will be appended to the DNS name.

So the scenario here is that we want to pull different content from
different servers based on a unique path. Which of course means path
based MH is the best fit! A separate RP can be created with the unique
Published name (bound to different IP listening on 80/443) and the path
based PRs can hang off this.

However... due to external requirements/restrictions, can this same
requirement be fulfilled using Domain Based MH?

Alternatively. Should PB MH be the only way forward. Are there any
options getting around using a different IP address without the end user
having to use a non-standard port. Say for example, have the RP
listening on different ports (so the same IP can be used) and use
redirection to redirect the user to the required published dns name and
listening port (now I am just making stuff up)


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