Hi Guys,

Environment details:
Access Manager 3.1

Recently, there was a user who faced an issue while logging in to one of
our application and following error was reported:
<amLogEntry> 2013-12-02T08:43:51Z INFO NIDS Application: AM#500105039:
AMDEVICEID#5307E2E01C1869EE: AMAUTHID#7DD64123E764C1A9D28BBF0C6C27C268:
Error on session id 7DD64123E764C1A9D28BBF0C6C27C268, error Specified
target is not valid: /nesp-5307E2E01C1869EE, Die Anforderung kann zum
gegenwärtigen Zeitpunkt nichtausgeführt werden. Specified target is
not valid: /nesp </amLogEntry>

We tried to look for more details on the error, but failed.

Are there any certain steps or log files that can be checked to gather
further information on the issue and investigate further?
What would be those steps and log files? Is there is a list of log
files, apart from catalina.out and jcc?

Thank you,

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