has anyone managed to use radius class with non redirected login? I have
set up test radius contract. When I use it withit idp (redirected login)
it works. But when I change it to non-redirected login I cannot
authenticate. And logs are not very helpful (application, liberty, web
service provider and consumer are on debug level):

<amLogEntry> 2013-12-18T13:55:48Z VERBOSE NIDS Application: Executing
authentication method SecureKey-PIN </amLogEntry>
<amLogEntry> 2013-12-18T13:55:48Z VERBOSE NIDS Application:
Authentication method SecureKey-PIN failed while executing the class
com.novell.nidp.authentication.local.RadiusClass@4 ba00f44 </amLogEntry>
<amLogEntry> 2013-12-18T13:55:48Z INFO NIDS Application: AM#500105011:
AMDEVICEID#A40B6053850572D7: AMAUTHID#A07C83A318823A95E6A2070867921843:
Contract SecureKey - PIN failed. </amLogEntry>

Does anyone know what is 4ba00f44 at the end of second line
(com.novell.nidp.authentication.local.RadiusClass@ 4ba00f44)?

Thanks and best regards

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