Hi and Happy New Year!
I have a client for which we have just upgraded (well rebuilt a new
system) from NAM 3.1 to NAM 4.0 appliance. All is good with the NAM
appliance. The client has some internal web apps (including Vibe) which
SSO auth via NTLM internally, using an IIS server as basically a proxy.
They want to eliminate IIS (and beat it with a stick!), so want to get
kerberos SSO on the NAM going, but to do so I believe the MAG must be
running on a Windows server, hence my dilemma...Can I add an additional
external windows MAG to the NAM40 appliance, so to handle the kerberos
internally? If not does anyone have a suggestion besides doing a whole
separate NAM build just for kerberos SSO. The site is small and their VM
cluster is near capacity.
Mark Currie

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