We have a wildcard certificate signed by GoDaddy that we use for Access
Manager which is about to expire. From what I've read here, the correct
procedure for renewing the cert is to generate a new CSR for a new
certificate, however when I try to create the CSR by choosing Security,
Certificates, New, fill in the info & click ok, the Management Console
tells me that a certificate with that name already exists (which it does
of course - the old certificate is still there) and won't go any

When we bought the wildcard cert last year, we had to snapshot the 3
servers that make up our AM system, delete the old self signed wildcard
cert, generate a CSR for the new GoDaddy signed one, then snapshot
everything and restore the original system. When GoDaddy sent the new
cert, we then restored the second snapshot (with the CSR) and imported
the certificate.

Is that the only way to do this or is there a better way to renew the

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