The use was able to login using SSL VPN (NAM 3.1.3) from his Windows 7
system. Few days back SSL VPN login started to fail with following error
message on the web browser.

AM.1019: Failed to Start the Client Using Thin Client. Please Log Out.

Already tried to uninstall the client, reboot the workstation and login
again. The issue was still the same. Tried to install the client
manually. The issue didn't get resolve. Tried with different web
browsers and the issue is still the same. Tried to login using the Java
specific link (?forcejre=true). Still the same issue.

The log file C:\Program Files\Novell SSLVPN
Service\bin\novell-sslvpn-serv-log.txt shows following two lines.

Failed to move OpenVPN folder. Error is 0
Failed to verify the signature

Fix mentioned in the TID: 3746132 seems to be not matching as Windows
and Profile folders are on the same drive and also the error code is bit
different (Error is 0).

As it was working earlier, user restored the system to a previous date
and he was able tologin again once. He logged off and tried to login
again. Got the same error message.

Has anyone experienced this issue?


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