Hi Guys,

Recently we have started to get complaints from our users that they are
facing slowness issue while accessing sites which are behind our NAM.
From the point where a user enters username and password to getting the
actual site, its take more that 50 secs.

But, if we directly use the backend URL of the application/sites the
login fairly quick [between 2 - 3 secs], which indicates there is
something over NAM which is causing this slowness issue.

While the slowness issue was being reported, we did not see any major
change over server load for eDirectory and NAM...

Since, this is kind of an issue where I have never got a chance to
troubleshooting, I am wondering what would be the steps that I need to
take in order to reach the root or at-least steps which can assist me in
analysis this drop in performance.

Any ideas?


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