I am currently trying to redirect an authenticated user that meets the
authorization to one of the three Web servers. This is done through
three Roles policies that are activated if the user meets the
requirements and then use in a policy that will redirect the user to one
of the three web server he his allowed to use.

Here is the setup:

I created a new proxy server called: test.test.com/index.html which is
resolvable from the DMZ (not for real, this is just an example), so once
the user reaches that page he get's prompt for the password, if he
authenticate properly the Authorization is looking to see is he meets
the requirements (attribute within the user, if so he get's redirected
to test1.test.com (which is not resolvable from the DMZ). I have also
test2 and test3 who are not resolvable from the DMZ or outside.

My question is now this, is there a way I can redirect the user to an
internal web server that does not have a DNS resolvable from the outside

Thanks !

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