So, SSO with AM to the User Application over HTTPS, worked fine before I
applied the IDM Home patch. Using this URL: https://IP:8543/IDM

Now, after the IDM Home patch has been applied, I'm supposed to use this
URL: https://IP:8543/landing

Visiting this site, results in a white page, no errors, nothing.
Visiting https://IP:8543/IDM - the old UA URL, I get this error in the
UA log:

Level: ERROR
Java Execution:
Class: com.novell.osp.handler.OSPMainHandler
Method: handleRequest
Line Number: -1
Thread: http-
Id: a07ab06b-2891-4983-b94a-3f6d4162dd69
Message: Sub-Message Original Java Execution:
Class: com.netiq.oidpp.oauth2.OAuth2Handler
Method: D
Line Number: -1
Thread: http-
Correlation Id: a07ab06b-2891-4983-b94a-3f6d4162dd69
Client "redirect_uri" did not validate against registered urls!

Visiting the normal URLS, without HTTP and using port 8180, I am able to
log in fine, and SSO between the UA login screen and the IDM Home login
screen works fine. It seems like the SSL configuration doesn't work with
the new IDM Home login screen.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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