Hi All,
I've a NAM 3.2 IDP configured with many SAML2 SP (JBOSS PicketLink) and
1 SAML 1.1 SP (developed by my customer).

I've to configure a Global Logout to propagate the logout to all the

Because SAML 1.1 don't have Global Logout service, I've modify the
logoutSuccess.jsp to include a post method to call a logout url for SAML
1.1 SP, so when I call the NAM IDP logout (https://<NAM
IDP>/nidp/app/logout) the logoutSuccess.jsp is claimed and the logout is
propagated to SAML 2 SP and SAML 1.1 SP (and LAG too).

If I start the Logout process from SAML 2 SP using the Global Logout
Service of PicketLink (https://<PICKETLINK SP>/Webapp/?GLO=true) the IDP
don't use the logoutSuccess.jsp page and the logout is propagated to all
SAML 2 SP and LAG but not to SAML 1.1 SP.

Do you know where I can insert the post method to use in the second



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