Hi, all. Has anyone had any experience setting up JMeter test plans for
logging into a website fronted by Access Manager? The examples that I
can find about JMeter test plans for login do not use the same mechanism
as when using Access Manager. (Typical example would be a "GET" to the
url to get to the login page. Then it is a post where you enter in
username and password). Here is what I got using LiveHTTPHeaders when I
log into the website fronted by Access Manager:

POST /nidp/idff/sso?id=MyIntranet&sid=0&option=credential&sid=0
POST /nidp/idff/sso?sid=0
Ecom_User_ID=johndoe&Ecom_Password=mypassword&url= %3CERROR_INFORMATION%3E&proxypath=%3CPROXY_PATH%3E
GET /nidp/idff/sso?sid=0
GET /favicon.ico
GET /favicon.ico
POST /auth/portal/default/j_security_check
j_username=cn%3Djohndoe%2Cou%3Dmydepartment%2Co%3D myorganization&j_password=mypassword&login=Login
GET /auth/content/myportal/UploadedFiles/Home/News/house.jpg

What I'm trying to do is to mimick heavy concurrent load to Access
Manager. Any help is appreciated.


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