Are there any new features in Access Manager 3.2 for managing pools of
origin web servers? I would be interested in any feature which allows a
server to be removed from the pool without having to update the
configuration entirely. I think there was a way to do this in iChain.
Most load balancers have a feature for disabling pool members (rather
than deleting them from the pool) in such a way that they do not accept
new connections and you can then work on them when there is no more
traffic to the server. This is very useful when you want to take a
server out of a pool to update the OS or the application as it does not
disrupt users. When the server is updated you simply re-enable it in
the pool. * Is there any way you can do this in Access Manager? * So
far the only thing you can do in Access Manager 3.1 (I know I'm out of
support with this) seems to be to delete a server from a pool from the
Admin console, update the configuration, work on the server, add the
server back to the pool in Admin console and then update the
configuration again. Does anyone have any experience in this area?
Steve Tennant

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