I tried to use the example in NAM SDK for External Attribute Source
policy, the package is downloaded here:

After following the instruction (create data extension classes,
upload/distribute, create external attribute policy using the data
extension, create shared secret using the attribute policy)to enable the
external attribute policy in IDP, the update failed, I looked at the log
file and found this exception during start:

There is no further information or exception stack trace in the log.

Have any one done this successfully? Any idea what may cause this
problem? I noticed that the java class in the examples don't have
default constructor, I tried adding one that cause a different

Error: java.lang.ClassCastException:
com.novell.nam.custom.policy.data.NameAttributeFro mMailID cannot be cast
to com.novell.nxpe.NxpeContextDataElementFactory

Any help is appreciated.

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