First, I have access manager 3.0.4. Yes I know it's super old, no I
can't upgrade

Currently I have two access manager admin servers (primary and
secondary) on one side of a firewall. I'm trying to install a 3rd on
the other side of the firewall (in a DMZ) with the goal to make the new
one the primary and decomission the old two. I successfully did this in
a test region (however I only had one server on each side of the
firewall). When I'm trying to do this, I get a time synchronization
error when installing. The message says time cannot be synched between
the primary and secondary. It prompts to try again but trying again
always fails. Both servers are using the same NTP server. Both servers
can talk to each other on ports 389,427, 524, 636, 2302, 2645, 8028,
8030 and 8038.

The install will finish saying it is successful (other than the time
sync), but iManager don't load, and if I do go one of the existing
servers and go to the other known admin servers section in the audit
pages, I see a blank entry that appears to be my new server. So it
looks like it's partially installing?

I'm at a loss for what to do here, so any help would be great.


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