Hi Team,

NAM: 3.1.4-27

Recently we have started to see an issue with MS Office files on
The older version of MS Office files, which do not have an "x" in the
extension open fine, but the new version of MS Office files which have
"x" in their extension fails with an 404 Error.
What we have seen is that, the xls, ppt or doc, files have a relative
path for them, where as xlsx, pptx or docx have a absolution path when
page source is viewed.

Older version of MS Office files:
<a onclick="return
DispEx(this,event,'TRUE','FALSE','TRUE','SharePoin t.Ocuments','','','','1191','1','0','0x7fffffefff ffffff','','')"
VerifyHref(this,event,'1','SharePoint.OpenDocument s','')"
href="/sites/promotions/hm/Test Test Test.xls"

New version of MS Office files:
<a onclick="return
DispEx(this,event,'TRUE','FALSE','FALSE','SharePoi nt.t%20Test.xlsx','','1191','1','0','0x7fffffefff ffffff','','')"
VerifyHref(this,event,'1','SharePoint.OpenDocument s',iewer.aspx?id=/sites/promotions/hm/Test%20Test%20Test.xlsx')"
href="https://qa-iam-partners.havigs.com/sites/promotions/_layouts3%26IsGroupRender%3DTRUE&DefaultItemOpen= 1&DefaultItemOpen=1"

Could this be the cause of the issue?
Or are xlsx files not supported by IAM?

Any !deas?
Any pointers?

Thank you,

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