Hi all,

I just wanted to do a quick survey.
I'm in a position where we are (re)building out a whole new environment
(manually migrating from our old NAM the new NAM boxes). This could be
a good opportunity to deploy the latest version, but since version 4 has
not been out very long, I'm just curious if all the kinks are worked
out. I care most about stability. I know the dangers of "bleeding
edge", but coordinating upgrades can be difficult in our production
environment, so I'd hate to pass the opportunity and regret it later.
Does anyone have a compelling reason to stick with 3.2 and hold out a
little longer? Or is the recommendation to go with 4 if starting fresh?
The only thing I noticed was that the latest 3.2 hot fixes came out
much sooner than those same fixes in 4, so that makes me think attention
is still primarily focused on 3.


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