Hi Community,

We have an issue with authentication in our Access Manager Enviroment
with the following parameters:

- NAM Version 3.2.2-77 + IR1-107 (1 Admin Console, 1 Identity
Server, 1 Access Gateway Appliance)
- Identity Server is Accelerated by Access Gateway
- Secure Name/Password - Form Contract on a Protected Resource

We reproduce the issue with the following steps:

- Enter to our Page, for example 'http://innovar.lacaja.com.ar'
- NAM redirects users to 'https://extranet.lacaja.com.ar:30000/nidp/...
' with the auth parameters (Page of Identity Server )
- If we wait for 2 or 3 minutes on the authentication page and then we
try to authenticate to a resource, IDP takes the post parameters (in our
log), verify them, but after all process, IDP Shows Again the page with
form to authenticates user (and if the user is expired and has Login
Graces, the auth process consume them). If we try to authenticate again,
the users pass to the site, but if we wait 2 or 3 minutes again, we have
the same problem.

The question is, there is an issue? or we can configurate in some place
an authenticate timeout on the page? the contract has idle timeout 60
minutes, but this not affect the authentication process in that moment.

We waiting for a response.

Best Regards,

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