Hi Guys,

Recently one of our user reported that they are not able to get to the
bookmarked page when its accessed directly from saved bookmark for OBIEE
suite after logging into access manager.
Here is the complete description:
User goes to the login page for access manager and logs into OBI
Then he accesses one his pages from OBI.
Bookmarks that page to later access it.
Logs out.

Next time, clicks on the bookmarked link [http://tinyurl.com/mzzvdza
Access manager asks for login, user logs in.
After logging in the user is taken to the first page of the application
instead of the bookmarked ones...
The URL somewhat looks like this when logged in,
It seems that the URL get cut off after logging in...

From further investigation I was able to find out that, following two
could be possible options:
1.Discuss with OBI team to get the URL query which is running on their
side, causing the URL to stop at (?Dashboard) not the full URL which is
2.Or we would have to pass the string to headers dynamically instead of
passing statically in the policy.

Any suggestions as why this could be happening?
Or is this something access manager cannot handle?


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