Hi Team,

We are planning to upgrade to latest version of NAM [ver 4.2].

There is one issue which have seen in our current environment, regarding
a user logging to Oracle BI.

User has a bookmarked page from Oracle BI.
He goes to bookmark to access the page [He is not logged in at this
User is asked for a login from NAM.
User enters his credentials.
He is logged in and redirected.
But, instead of getting redirect to the page he has bookmarked, the user
is presented with the default page.

- Is this a know issue?
- What could be the possible workaround?
- Can I tune my Auth Policy for this to allow it to pass the URL
- Is there such a function in NAM ver 4.2?
- Or is this something not supported?

Any ideas? Pointers?
Much appreciated..


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