I was just assigned the responsibility of our Access Manager 3.1.47 a
few months ago. The past admin already had generated a new wildcard
certificate with our new domain name in advance knowing this day was
coming (tomorrow) but he is no longer here. From what he mentioned,
since the new wildcard certificate is already loaded in the store of
existing certificates, I just need to literally go in to the
reverse-proxy settings , then to the right of Server Certificate, choose
the browse button, select the new wildcard certificate, then select ok.
From there I will need to make sure I choose Update for that server and
that will be it?
I understand that for any other servers (outside of our access manager
server 1-identify server, 1-access gateway) that have a locally
installed cert they will need to be changed individually, I'm just
focusing on our access manager at the moment.

I tried to create a ticket and quickly learned our version is way out of
date. Researched the migration to 3.2 so we could get support, but I
only have a 4hr outage window and thought I will schedule the upgrade
after this project is done at another time.

Thanks in advance for any comments on this


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