I am using a form-fill policy to sign on to a website. The initial login
form is at "sunrise.dmu.ac.uk/SUsers"; every other page uses the URL
"sunrise.dmu.ac.uk/SUsers/" (note the trailing "/"). Logout takes you
to the login form, but the URL has the trailing "/" so it does not hit
the form-fill policy, which is fine as I do not want the user to be
logged in again. There are no cgi parameters to indicate logout. What
I want to do is "trap" the logout and redirect somewhere else, so as not
to display the login form again. I usually use an authorisation policy
to do a redirect like this but as all the URLs are the same in this app
this will not work. What I am doing is using a second form fill policy
on "/Susers/" which only contains a form fill failure, but which has a
page matching criteria that matches only the login form, and which
redirects to the location required. This works, but the problem is
every single page hits this form fill policy as they have the same URL.
They all fail the page matching criteria, except the final logout page
(which is the login form) which is redirected to the URL specified.
This seems inefficient to me. Does anyone else have another way of
doing this i.e. detecting a page based on some text and redirecting to
another URL, which does not involve using a form-fill policy?
Thanks in advance.
Steve Tennant.

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