Hi Guys

I've recently become responsible for our University's NAM 3.1.5
installation due to the departure of a long standing staff member.
Unfortunately it's around this time our NAM certificates have all
started expiring and I'm running into trouble.

I've got a new wildcard certificate for our domain for comodo to replace
the one previously used on the Access Gateways for ESP SSL and the Proxy
Key Store. To give some background we're running two reverse proxies -
one for internal access to apps and one for external access. I've
managed to get the new cert into the ESP SSL Keystore and into one of
our Reverse Proxy keystores. However, the second reverse proxy is
causing me problems. When I go into the second proxy to try and change
the certificate being used I notice the option to do so are greyed out.
SSL is on, and I can see the name of the old wildcard in the text box,
that's greyed out too though. Why would this be?

As I say I've had this shifted to me without a proper handover, and I
don't see anything in the documentation. Also I went through the same
thing with the other reverse proxy just fine!

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