I may be a bit thick here. I want to proxy an application that has a
full HTTP user portal as well as a Java-based administrator's interface
(with some HTTP traffic) all on the same web server (port 8080 - I think
it is running on Tomcat). I have set up a reverse proxy with the DNS
name servicedesk.dmu.ac.uk. This works fine for the user part
(https://servicedesk.dmu.ac.uk/Sostenuto/SUsers), but it does not work
well for the Java part (/Sostenuto/servlet/sostenuto). So, I
configured a tunnel for the non-HTTP traffic, listening on port 443 and
connecting to port 8080, DNS name servicedeskadmin.dmu.ac.uk (?), and
listening on different IP addresses. I think some of the traffic for
the admin part is HTTP though. Needless to say it does not work. How
do you set up a tunnel for a web site that has some HTTP and some
none-HTTP traffic? Since it seems you cannot use the same DNS name how
on earth do you make this work? Does anyone have any advice

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