Hi, i'm having some problem with the timeout for OWA.
The versions are NAM 3.2 and OWA 2010, OWA is configured with form SSO.

The configuration is:
- NAM Identity Server Default Timeout: 15 minutes
- All authentication contracts have Authentication Timeout: 15 minutes

- OWA have 15 minutes of timeout in private and public connexions.

If we access OWA without NAM, the OWA timeout of 15 minutes works fine.
If we access another site with NAM (Like Sharepoint), the timeout of NAM
works fine, after 15 minutes of inactivity ask for credentials.

If we access OWA with NAM, the timeout of NAM or OWA doesn't work, the
session still connected after 30 minutes of inactivity.

The configuration of NAM is correct?
I think that something between NAM and OWA refreshes the session, is
that possible?
What can i do / try?


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