My team is working on the Single Sign-On with Kronos(Workforce Central)
System, and this system is support the SAML method.

According to the administrator guide of Kronos, it will not be Service
"Configuring Workforce Central for single sign-on with SAML requires
an Identity
Provider (IdP) and a Portal Service Provider (SP).
1. The user accesses the SSO-protected Portal Service Provider.
2. The portal redirects the control to the Identity Provider for
3. After successful authentication by the Identity Provider, the
portal redirects the control to Workforce Central:
The SAML module of Workforce Central handles the SAML response and
allows access to the requested resource."
-- Quote form Workforce Central System Administrator Guide

Therefore, this system will not offer Metadata, which is needed
during the configuration of NAM 3.1 SAML 2.0 service ( Access Manager ->
Identity Servers -> servers -> edit -> SAML2.0 -> Trusted Providers ->
New IDP / SP ) .

My question is: Is the Metadata is necessary and must be
provided by Service Provider (while the NAM serviced as an IDP)? And is
there anyone have the experience of SSO with Kronos system, Please Help.

Many Thanks.

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