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Thread: Access Manager 4 Evaluation - unable to add identity server

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    pmhsfelix NNTP User

    Access Manager 4 Evaluation - unable to add identity server


    I've installed "NetIQ Access Manager 4.0.1 Evaluation" on a single
    machine (both the admin portal and the identity manager server), for
    evaluation purposes.
    Both "nps" and "nidp" apps are running on Tomcat, on ports 8080 and
    I'm able to enter into the "nps" app and perform some administrative
    tasks, such as create an identity server cluster and browse the
    directory objects.

    However, when managing the "identity servers",
    _the_server_list_is_empty_and_the_\"refresh\"_butt on_is_disabled_.
    I'm currently
    _unable_to_find_a_way_to_add_my_single_server_(the _local_machine)_to_the_created_cluster_.
    What should I do to enable my local identity server and add it to the
    Is there anything that I should do for my local server to become visible
    to the portal?

    If I try to access the "nidp" app, I receive the message
    "Error:NIDPMAIN.1148D87054BF695DD294C430FDD6DE6775 F (System Down. Please
    try again later)", which makes sense because the server isn't added to
    any cluster yet.
    It also means that the "nidp" was properly launched.


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    MatthewEhle NNTP User

    Re: Access Manager 4 Evaluation - unable to add identity server

    The identity server automatically imports itself into the administration
    console during the installation. It sounds like the installation did
    not finish properly.

    Do you have the IDP installation logs that you can share? You can also
    try uninstalling just the IDP component and reinstalling to see if it
    imports correctly the second time around.

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