So I'm trying to do a very simple form login with an application that is
failing. There are no javascript functions on submit; it looked like a
pretty clean and easy setup on the surface. After further digging with
debug enabled, I noticed that the login submit form action target has a
few query parameters embedded in it. However, when NAM does the
auto-submit, it strips those query parameters.

For example, before NAM auto submit:
<form method="post"

With NAM with auto-submit:
<form method="post" action="j_spring_security_check" name="f">

I'm fairly sure that has something to do with why it's failing. I'm
running the latest 4.0sp1 with hotfixes. Does anyone know if this is a
bug or a feature that can be toggled? As it stands, I cannot see any
way to form fill this app.


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