I'm currently running NAM4.0SP1 (4.0.1-88) and when viewing any of my
IdP rules that are based on LDAP group membership (so.. 99% of my IdP
rules) it shows that the LDAP groups are not valid and when attempting
to add groups, the list to choose from is empty.

I see in the readme for 4.0SP1HFwhatever that there's a known issue that
appears to be the same as my issue with a reference to a bug number..
Which brings me to my real question.

When NetIQ has a bug number listed in their readme files... is there any
way for the average user (me) to reference that bug in their tracking
system to see if (1) the issue is the same (2) if there's a workaround
(3) if there's a pending patch in the next release?
Second to that, for this specific issue... is there a workaround?

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