This is my 1st attempt at installing NAM components on SLES SP3, I did
it in the past with earlier SLES versions with no issues.
I've run into all kinds with 11 SP3 related to linux rights. I am
installing Admin Console on my personal VM as a root user and the
install completes but fails with an error stating novell-tomcat 7
restart failed. And the reason was "Permission Denied". I opened up all
the pemissions on /var/opt/novell, /var/run and /opt/novell but has not
solved the issue. Now I see an error in catalina.out stating
SEVERE: Begin event threw exception java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
com.novell.accessmanager.tomcat.SynchronizationVal ve

Given that I am installing as a root user and running as a root user,
what else should I be doing to resolve this issue? Your assistance is
Thank you!!

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