A bit of a background on an issue we are seeing in a deployment:

We have a AG policy on a custom app page that basically redirects to
different landing pages (of different apps) based on the contract a user
is logged in with. The policy evaluates the value of the injected
header before doing the redirect. This works great when only a single AG
is in the cluster. But when we introduce a 2nd AG in the cluster, we
find that users have intermittent issues where policy is unable to check
what contract the user is logged in with. This results in user stuck on
a blank page and not being redirected to their correct landing page. We
do notice that the user does have a session. Are there know issues with
session data being replicated in an AG cluster?
We collected logs and raised an SR with NetIQ with no luck so far.

I am planning on writing some custom code in main.jsp to capture the
contract info and send that as a query param or a custom header to the
app page for the policy to evaluate. I tried the function
ContentHandler.getContractURI() but that returned null. Any ideas why? I
don't see any documentation on ContentHandler, unless I have to
decompile it myself to review the code. I can see that the form has
Contract ID that I can use to capture and evaluate, so maybe I can try

But I am not sure if this customization will resolve the production
issue with clustering. I appreciate any insight into other ways to
resolve this, it would be great.

Thank you!

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