I am running NAM4.01HF1 Appliance. I'm working on customising our login
screen, and am testing it now. I modified the login.jsp screen with a
'prettier' page, but left the names of the username, password etc the
same as the original.
-When I access a protected resource, I see my correct login, and it
works fine.
-I then go to either <site>/AMLogout, or <site>/nesp/app/plogout and the
logout appears fine as well.
-If I immediately try and access the protected resource again, I get a
NETIQ Access Manager page,

Error:An unsupported request was received and cannot be completed.

-If I hit F5 to refresh the page immediately, it goes to my custom login
screen as before. I'm hoping I'm missing something simple. Does anyone
have any idea why I am seeing this? I'm not ready to put it into
production before I can stop this error.

Thanks for any ideas.

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