Hi all,
I'm running AM4.01HF1 Appliance.

I have some path based resources
http://portal.mbc.qld.edu.au/gw/webacc (Groupwise 2012 Webmail)
http://portal.mbc.qld.edu.au/intranet (a custom internal intranet).

On our AM3 server, (which I'm manually migrating to AM4), we have the
following setup
(Path Based) /intranet -> (internal IP address), remove path on fill is
So http://portal.mbc.qld.edu.au/intranet/auth.php becomes
http://iwww.mbc.qld.edu.au/auth.php (which is required)

On the AM4 server, when I test accessing the Groupwise webmail, it works
fine. However, when I logout of Groupwise using the stock logout link,
instead of http://portal.mbc.qld.edu.au/AGLogout, I get
http://portal.mbc.qld.edu.au/*intranet*/AGLogout (which fails). This
same configuration works fine on AM3.

If I disable the *intranet *Proxy Service, this problem goes away.
So it seems like the 'remove on fill' checkbox for one Proxy Service is
affecting a different Proxy Service? There are no overlapping paths
(Groupwise is /gw/*).

Does this seem possible. It's really stumped me.


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