NAM 4 Appliance (Demo version)

We have successfully installed the NAM 4 appliance and configured
multiple applications for SSO. When accessing applications that use
ports 80 or 443 for the backend web servers everything works fine. The
issue I am having is for servers that use non-standard ports like 4443,
15600, etc. The RP configuration is using a proper cert for browsers to
use SSL and force browser to gateway to 443 fine. The protected
resources are all configured the same right now to just pass traffic
through with no authentication or authorization policies. We have
confirmed that DNS is correct, resolution works fine from the gateway to
the web servers, we can telnet from the gateway to the servers on the
desired ports, there are no application specific rules in the firewall
but all applications that have anything other than 80 or 443 in the web
server port configuration fail to forward properly.

When I look in the logs I do not see any errors specific to the
applications or URLs that indicate any kind of connection issues or
configuration errors. My concern is that the demo version doesn't allow
communication on these odd ports but we need the demo to prove the
solution works before management will OK the purchase.

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