We have a customer that want to turn on the "limit user sessions" option
and set the value to 1.

The Problem with these settings are that if the user is accidentally
closes his browser, the session remains active and he will receive the
"Error:The maximum number of allowable sessions has been reached.
(300101051-7057C627A3561F68) "message when trying to login again.

The second problem is about the inability to control the session
timeout. It seems that the user can login in again only after 60 min,
Regardless of the parameter "Default Timeout" in the IDP-Cluster
configuration, or the "Authentication Timeout" in the desired
authentication contract.

For example we set both parameters to 5 minutes but user can login again
to the IDP only after 60min after closing the browser without logout.
Any idea how to control this parameter?

Access Manager Version is currently 3.2.1-57


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