Dear Friends,

Here i have two sets of access gateways 1. Intranet AG Set 2. DMZ AG
Set. But the adminconsole and IDP is same for the both Access

Here my design is having single portal application(Only one instance
,there is no 2nd separate portal instance for internet) which I have to
acess through the intranet and as well as internet ,through this portal
i can access the remaing aplications .

Step 1:- In intranet i have configured all the applications including
portal under the Domian based and every thing is working fine .

Step 2:- Here for internet On DMZ access gateways i am planning to do
the Path based configuration for the portal application which i used in
Domain based in intranet zone.

So here if i do this configuration like this is there any chance of
damage to my adminconsole and IDP configurations ?

Note my portal application ex ip is :- this is
the same ip and host name i am using for above both configurations.

Please suggest me ..if the above problem descrtipion is not suufiicent
if possible please share me u r contcat number so that i will call and
expalin what exactly my problem is .Other please will me on below no .

My mailid:
phone:- 9946318900

Thank you so much ,


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