Hi Community,

I have the following scenario:

- Page A - One Protected resorce with SocialAuth Contract (Level 0)
- Page B - One Protected resorce with Secure Name/Password - Form
Contract (Level 1)

SocialAuth Contract is satisfiable by a contract of equal or higher
level, but Form not.
When I access to A with SocialAuth or Form Auth, AM show me the page
with no problem, and its works well. But If I Access to A with
SocialAuth and then I Want to go to Page B, AM show me the FORM Auth
Because have a level 0, and I need Level 1 auth.
My question is: There is a way to show a form who only need the password
of the user (Because He has authenticated with Level 0 and has a "match"
with my UserStore).
I know that if i try to authenticate with another account in the form
(after have a SocialAuth Authentication) , AM close the sessions to
avoid the "CrossAuth" but i want to know if there is a away more "user
friendly" like only put my password in the form if i have a session of
lower lever.


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