Hi All

I have an issue with setting a setTimeout before a redirect via an
onClick on a button while using a custom login.jsp. The same code if
executed from an index.html file on another web server shows the delay
as expected.

<input class="buttonGreen" "border: solid 1px #1E3B7F;"
style="font-face: 'Comic Sans MS'; font-size: smaller; color: white;"
name="loginButton" type="submit" value="Register"
onClick=[COLOR="#B22222"]"setTimeout(window.open('https://uauat.eskom.co.za/IDMProv/makeRequestDetail.do?requestId=cn=SSPR%20Method%20 Selection,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig,cn=UserAppli cation,cn=LABIDVAULT%20Driver%20Set,o=IDM&requestT ype=PROV'),

The delay is required to access a user application guest page to request
a resource for SSPR to either set the preference to be CR or OTP and
because both URL's are fronted by NAM and are using the same contract we
need the authentication to take place on one and after that as
occurred...(after a small pause)...The User Application request page to
open in a new tab. However because the setTimeout is not working a
second login page is presented however if you press enter the correct
page is viewed.

I am by no chance anywhere close to a web developer but I am hoping that
someone can please assist me to get something like this working as its
the last requirement before a go live at the customer.

Kindest Regards


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