I am trying to get SSO working between NAM 4sp1 and IDM4.5

I have secured the UserApp with a self signed cert from the IDM CA on
port 8543
I have then imported the IDM CA into NAM using the auto import
I did this twice.
First time I pointed the wizard to the ldaps port then to the IDM
userapp secure port 8543

On my proxy service under the Web Severs I have configured 'Connect
Using SSL'
Web Server Trusted Root: 'Any in Reverse Proxy Trust Store'

I try setup a trusted sp for SAML2 on my identity server:
Provider Type: General
Source: Metadata URL
Name: idm_osp
URL: https://linux-5elh-1.demo:8543/osp/a...ml2/spmetadata

When I click next, I get the error: "The metadata could not be retrieved
from the url."

This makes me think I have a cert issue, but I dont see how since I
imported all the certs I could possibly import.

Any pointers please?

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