Hi all,

I'm pretty new to Access Manager and saml so bear with me.
I'm trying to setup saml2 on a wordpress site using the SAML 2.0 Single
Sign-On plugin (simplesamlphp)
I have setup and configured wordpress as a SP and AM4.01sp1hf3 as a IDP.
I have also added a e-dir as a user source to AM (local directory still
If I try to login to wordpress admin site I get promted with AM login
page and thats good i think, but I get a login error when I use a
external e-dir account as credential.
I guess that I have to change what user source to use, but how?
I have enabled file logging for saml2, but in witch log file do I find
saml2 specific entry's?
If annbody got a working wordpress (sp initiated) saml2 setup they want
to share, I would be more then happy.

Best regards


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