Dear all,

i am facing the issue on blocking the concurrent user sessions .

for that i enabled the options under the IDP *LIMIT USER SESSIONS =1* &
under the Limits *DEFAULT TIMEOUT =5* mins .i enabled these two options

Case 1 :- User is logged into SSO integrated application successfully
,Now if the user is clicking on log out button session is getting killed
,by the next min if the same user is logging again with out any issues
..Here in this case there is no problem.

case 2:- But in this case problem started like when user is logged
into SSO integrated application successfully ,but here the user instead
of clicking on log out directly he is closing the browser .again if he
is trying to access the application after entering the credentials he is
getting error
( *Error:The maximum number of allowable sessions has been reached.
(300101051-B75669A0B4BCD224*) )

here my quire y is i want to allow the user to access the application
even if closed the browser instead of log out .

Here i am using Novell access manager 3.2 SP2 on SUSE Linux platform

Any one Please help me what are the parameters i need to check from NAM
side as well as From end application to resolve this .

Thank you so much.

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