NetIQ is pleased to announce the general availability of NetIQ
CloudAccess and MobileAccess 2.1. This version includes the following
enhancements, as well as software fixes that resolve several previous

- Security Improvements
- New Network Troubleshooting Console
- Ability to Shut Down or Restart a Node in the Cluster
- Support for Two DNS Names for Clusters
- Improved Administration Console
- New Tool for Advanced Authentication
- New Tool for Authentication Filter
- New Tool for Forward Proxy
- New Tool for Google reCAPTCHA
- New Tool for Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP)
- New Identity Source for JDBC Databases
- New Identity Source for SAML2 In
- New Identity Source for Self-Service User Store
- New Connector for ADFS (WS-Federation)
- New Connector for Azure (WS-Federation)
- New Connector for Basic SSO and the NetIQ Basic SSO Extension for
the Chrome Web Browser
- New Connector for Oauth2 Resources
- New Connector for Simple Proxy
- New Connector for Vmware vCloud (SAML 2.0)
- Enhanced Provisioning in the Connector for Google Apps for Business

- Enhanced Connector for Microsoft Office 365 (Lync Support)
- Enhanced Connector for Salesforce
- Updated Connectors to Support Appmarks
- Enhanced Access Connector Toolkit
- Enhanced Policy Mapping for Non-Public Applications
- Enhanced Ability to Configure Appmarks for Connectors
- New User Landing Page
- Ability to Use Custom Branding on User-Facing Pages
- Ability to Have a User-Selectable Language on the Login Page
- Enhanced MobileAccess App for iOS Devices
- MobileAccess App for Android Mobile Devices

For more information about CloudAccess and MobileAccess 2.1, please
review the 'Release Notes ' ( the
'CloudAccess and MobileAccess Documentation web page'

To learn more about this version, please contact 'NetIQ Technical
Support' (

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