It has been a while and I know I have run across a very similar thread
but I was unable to find it so here goes...

I have a trigger event that is created by a Exchange.New Mail event
(this works successfull) however I cannot remember how to find the
Exchange.New Mail event associated with the trigger that started the
workflow. Ordinarily I would think I could just search for the last
occurance but in this case that might not be possible and I do not see
an Object Locator or Event ID being generated as an available output on
the trigger?

Ultimately I need to find the event that tiggerd the workitem
(Exchange.New Mail event based on subject) so that I can parse the
message body text of the email to save as workitem attributes to be used
later on.

Thanks in advance

Loren Daniel
Memorial Hermann HealthCare
Sr. Programmer / Analyst
Information Systems Division

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