Hi Ed - Sorry I don't get notifications anymore for posts so sorry for
the delay.

One way of doing this is first to split the filename into the name and
extension using the 'Extract Nth Match of Regular Expression' activity.
Use the filename as input string.
Use (.+)\.(.+) as the regular expression
Use 1(1,2) as the Segments
Leave everything else as default.
The output array of the activity will have the name in the first element
of array and file extension is second part of array.

Next use the 'convert UNIX timestamp to Text' to get the yyyymmdd part.
Use yyyyMMdd as the Output Format. Be sure to use a capital MM as mm
will output the minutes part of time.
You can use the workitem start time or other time source as the time

Now you can combine the outputs of the regular expression activity and
the convert time activity using input builder to give the required

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