scott_hanson;239828 Wrote:
> Good morning,
> Does anyone know of an activity that can send data to a remote socket?
> For example, send JSON format data to a configurable socket number on a
> configurable IP address?
> Thanks in advance,
> Scott

Hi Scott,

We would normally send JSON data via the 'Get Web Page Content' activity
- maybe not the most aptly named activity - you can use a HTTP post to
send the JSON request to configurable address and port with optional
authentication, proxy etc.
The benefit of doing this is that the service listening returns HTTP
responses including response headers, data, status codes, error data
That is the norm, but you don't say what type of socket so this may be
useless info if its not a webservice at the target end.

We don't have an activity that sends data specifically to a socket but a
consultant could easily develop one for you if needs to go down that

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