I've just installed AppManager 8 on some servers, preparing for a
migration from AppManager 7. I'd like to deploy updates to the Windows
Agent and the WinOS module using Deployment Manager. I have a heavily
firewalled network. All ports are closed unless they are specifically
requested to be opened. Reading the documentation, it seems that I only
need 2 ports open between the servers running the Windows agent and the
Deployment Web Service. It looks like the servers running the Windows
agent need to connect to the Deployment Web Service on TCP port 80. It
also looks like the Deployment Web Service needs to make a connection to
the servers running the Windows agent over either NetBIOS or SMB, TCP
port 139 or 445. Is it really this simple??? If I open up these 2 ports,
I can deploy agents and modules 'til may heart's content??? Someone who
has experience with this, please enlighten me.

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