We are currently looking to use AM to replace an outdated Ping
Application. Requirements are as follows:

Ping 3000+ servers every 1 minute
Alert only if a server is down for at least 4 minutes
Ability to pull down alerts from a SQL database into a in-house
ticketing system for creation of outage tickets

I believe that AM fulfills the requirements however there has been some
headaches during the testing of the PingMachine jobs. First attempt was
to use the flat file for pinging a list by IPs however from time to time
we received "Unknown IP for" errors. Next, attempted to input a comma
separated list of machines into the KS however there is a max of 1000
characters and every time a device was decommissioned we had to locate
the job that was pinging the IP and remove it. Consensus was the best
method for daily administration was one job per device which meant
creation of 3000+ jobs. Can this be automated? What kind of load does
this put on AM as we are also collecting Availability and Response Time?
How many jobs per agent? Any input is appreciated.

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