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Thread: Process Stuck on Command Queue

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    jbroeking NNTP User

    Process Stuck on Command Queue

    I have a process that has been stuck in the Command Queue for almost a
    month now. Is there a way to remove it manually?

    [image: '[image:

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    andy doran NNTP User

    Re: Process Stuck on Command Queue

    If you connect to the CCDB with SQL Query Manager and use this query:-

    FROM dbo.Queue
    WHERE QueueID = 97

    Then you should see that the status of the item is 0x00000010 (you will
    need to replace the QueueID in the example above with the correct
    QueueID - if you use the UI and double-click the queued command then it
    will tell you what the QueueID is). To change this to "aborted" rather
    than "pending abort" then run this query:-

    UPDATE dbo.Queue
    SET Status = (Status ^0x00000010) | 0x00000020
    WHERE QueueID = 97
    AND Status &0x00000010 !=0

    Again - be sure to use the correct QueueID

    Andy Doran
    Software Engineer Consultant (NetIQ)
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