Hi, I am looking for some direction on documentation, advice, White
Papers, etc... for the following upgrade scenario.

I have 2 environments.
Version 7.x.x
- Server A (QDB, CCDB)
- Server B (QDB)
Version 8.x.x
- Server 1 (QDB, CCDB)
- Server 2 (QDB)
- Server 3 (QDB)
- Server 4 (QDB)

I would like to perform and in-place upgrade of QDBs on Servers A & B
and move the Control Center management from the CCDB on Server A to thew
CCDB on Server 1. Then retire the Server A CCDB.

I will need to also move Management Servers, Control Center Monitoring
policies, etc. I am thinking to upgrade the agents from 7 - 8 after the
main QDB upgrade and CCDB migration.

Any tips, Best Practice, gotcha, advice would be appreciated!


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