I have asked support in the past to submit this as an enhancement
request to no avail. With that caveat said…. What I am trying to
accomplish is to add an option to a script to allow for a
“CustomKB_PATH” to be added to a script (preferably in the form of an
URL). Doing the first part of variable addition/substitution and
providing an input box for user-defined path is pretty easy and I have
done this complete process for some simpler scripts like NT_MemUtil with
success (but that script uses MSActions). I have a bit of code that
says IF DO_Custom_KB = "y"... THEN strDetailMessage = strDetailMessage &
PRM_Custom_KB_PATH... etc.

We have a more urgent need of using the NT_Admin_RunDOS script in this
manner but I am finding it rather difficult to reverse engineer how this
particular script is outputting the HTML via BuildXMLRow,
BuildXMLColumnDefinition, AddXMLColumn FUNCTIONS, etc. Can you either
provide me some additional documentation or other information that may
help me in simply adding a URL to existing table or even bypassing the
table altogether to have our KB info URL link provided in the
EventDeatilMessage. I would really like to better understand this
process but am getting somewhat frustrated by the dynamic XML/html in
here. I want to provide a URL for further instructions because the
‘canned message’ has confused our staff on occasion and since we do have
a documented procedure for this particular incident, it makes sense to
just display a link to it. Even ‘sucking in’ the entire document could
be worthwhile option here as well.

I worked on this (ok attempted to) all weekend long with little to no
success. I have searched all Forums and Documentation that I possess.
I love the elegant output of the html events… I just wish I could
interact with them a little more.

I have always felt that NetIQ is missing an huge opportunity for a
smoother segue into integrating Aegis. Customers never seem to have
processes written out and available for their operations staff to act
upon or they only reside in that staffs heads. I submit to you, that if
a customer had a better method to present their run-books to their staff
at the time of the actual Incident (i.e. in the form of an event) then
they would be more apt to document and build that store of knowledge
thereby allowing for easier insertion/application of the Aegis product.
The “KnowledgeBase 2.0” IS DEFINITELY NOT the answer here (although I
did like the concept). ;-)



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